My filter is leaking, what do i do?

Usually, it’s simply not installed correctly, and doing it again will fix the issue. Remove the filter and reinstall it from the bottom first. There is a black O ring on the top and bottom that seals the filter so if the rings are damaged you will need to order a replacement. Every few years you will want to…

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I see white flakes in my cup, why?

This is calcium carbonate, which forms from the minerals in the water. It is normal that the minerals can precipitate out of the water. 100% of your water content is flowing into the unit, but the minerals are concentrated into the Alkaline water, which is only 2/3 of the water coming out. This higher concentration has increased the chance…

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My machine feels like it is warm, is that normal?

Typically, your water temperature will not differ much from your tap water temperature. If your machine feels warm that could be an indicator that your voltage settings are higher than needed for the conductivity of your source water and may prompt you to turn the voltage down. Contact customer support for assistance in lowering your voltage settings. 800-337-7017.

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Why is the water coming out of my machine not cold?

Typically, the temperature of the source water will not vary much from the water coming out of the machine. If it does it could just be that the voltage is too high for the conductivity of your water. It could also mean that the water is flowing too slowly through the machine.

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How do I know when it is time to change my filter?

There is a filter change indicator with a chip that communicates with the unit and monitors how many gallons have passed through it. It’s important to follow the instructions and change the filters when necessary. Once a filer has expired, the machine will only turn on for 10 seconds and then shut itself off.

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Why does my water taste funny?

We get this question from people and our next question is what do you mean by funny? It’s difficult to answer that question unless we know specifically what it tastes like. You would need to reach out to customer support at 800-337-7017 for further assistance.

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Can I get my water to flow out any faster?

For the H2 Server that is connected to a reverse osmosis (RO) system, increasing the pressure inside the RO holding tank to at least 11 – 13 pounds of pressure (PSI) then you will greatly increase the flow. Typical RO tanks are on 4-6 PSI and that is fine but not when you are running it through the machine.

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Why is my unit saying, “low pressure”?

This can be many things. First, you will want to check the water source. You will need to trace your white source water line back to a valve and shut it off. Then disconnect your source water line from the bottom of the machine and place the line into a bowl. Slowly turn the source water valve back on…

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