Why You Should Be Drinking Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen Water is Better Than Tap & Bottled Water Simple foods and drinks are often the healthiest. Chemical cocktails like sodas and energy drinks may taste good, but they are terrible for you. An ingredient list longer than a grocery list is a concrete sign of there being something wrong. So, what can someone drink to be healthier? Well,…

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Why Drink Hydrogen Water When Working Out?

Hydrogen Water after Working Out

Before and After Your Workout, Drink Hydrogen Water Working out is so good for the human body that it cannot be understated. It not only improves the body’s ability to fight diseases and other health concerns like high blood pressure, diabetes, and muscle degradation, but it also improves health and wellness. Working out can help with mental clarity, general…

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Hydrogen Water Can Help You Beat Caffeine Addiction

hydrogen water caffeine addiction

A Glass of Hydrogen Water Can Replace a Cup of Coffee The morning cup of coffee is such an automatic part of life you probably don’t even think about it anymore. When you wake up, you reach for a cup and down it. To make matters worse, as you’ve gotten older, it may seem like you need more and…

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Hydrogen Water as a Novel Antioxidant

hydrogen water antioxidant

Molecular Hydrogen as a Novel Antioxidant: Overview of the Advantages of Hydrogen for Medical Applications Below is an excerpt from the study “Molecular Hydrogen as a Novel Antioxidant” that is most meaningful for our purposes. You may find the link to the full text at the bottom of this page. Shigeo Ohta from Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology,…

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