Why is my unit saying, “low pressure”?

This can be many things. First, you will want to check the water source. You will need to trace your white source water line back to a valve and shut it off. Then disconnect your source water line from the bottom of the machine and place the line into a bowl. Slowly turn the source water valve back on and if it pours into the bowl you will know that water was getting to the machine. If that’s not the issue, then you’ll want to check the voltage settings. If they’re too high for the conductivity of the water, it may create calcium that can lead to clogged solenoids and blocked water flow. In this case, lower the settings and use a cleaning kit. If there were a failure in the main solenoid, no water would enter the machine, and it would need to come in for repair. Contact us at 800-337-7017. In some cases, your source water pressure may be too high for the machine to function properly. Too much incoming pressure would stop the main solenoid from opening. There would need to be a pressure regulator installed on either the house or the source water line before the machine.