Why You Should Be Drinking Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen Water is Better Than Tap & Bottled Water

Simple foods and drinks are often the healthiest. Chemical cocktails like sodas and energy drinks may taste good, but they are terrible for you. An ingredient list longer than a grocery list is a concrete sign of there being something wrong.

So, what can someone drink to be healthier? Well, what can be simpler than water and hydrogen? Two vital elements to human bodily function.

That’s why hydrogen water has taken off as a health food revolution—as a simple way to improve the body. The only things added are vital minerals and vitamins and electrolytes.

But what are the benefits exactly? You’ve probably heard talk of hydrogen water, but what’s the hype about? Surely just bottled water is enough? Some generic water filtration system will do you fine, right? Well, those are not bad first steps—but it’s not the final step.

And there’s something you should know.

Generally, water in our country is quite messed up and potentially poisonous. Filtration systems for water supplies don’t get nearly enough attention, and, with a few simple searches, you can discover what frankly terrifying stuff is in yours and everyone’s water. The water that washes over your hands, that cleans your produce, that you put in your body, can have destructive substances like arsenic and nicotine.

So, tap water is a no-go. But you probably already knew that. Water bottles are a better choice, but they can still have traces of the same pollutants. Personal in-home water filtration systems at least produce clean water, but then you’re only getting the barest version of water health benefits.

So, we get to hydrogen water.

Why hydrogen specifically? Because it’s got a host of benefits. It’s usually too tied up into the molecular structure of water to be properly utilized by the body. That’s why you need a machine to add more.

It has been shown to be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Hydrogen can help reduce free radicals and fight oxidative damage to the cells. It can even speed recovery from heavy workouts and lessen the effects of aging. Proper hydration, in fact, has been shown to help with everything from mental clarity to weight loss.

Now, yes, you can buy individual packets of hydrogen or pre-bottled hydrogen water, but it’s not cost-effective to buy it bottle by bottle. Hydrogen water’s benefits to energy levels, cognitive function, and overall wellbeing are so vast that the best option is to have it on tap. Imagine it always being there, and ready for you to drink whenever. It’s then plentiful enough you can phase out poison water for an entire household and family.

Despite what people might claim, modern food, modern drinks, are not enough anymore. Your body needs additional help. And health affects everything: productivity, mood, self-esteem. When your body gets what it needs, even just the smallest percentage closer to what it should have, it can function at such a higher degree of survival it’s shocking. Being healthy rewards a fluidity to all movement sustained energy throughout the day and a higher resiliency to injury.

Hydrogen water is not a cure-all, no drink or food quite is, but it’s a step towards a body as it should be. An easy step. A simple step. No bad-tasting foods, no complicated routines. It’s a refreshing drink on your path towards a better, happier body.

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