Vascular Disease Begins with Organ Starvation

Organs are healthy when they are nourished with oxygen and vital nutrients while waste and carbon dioxide are removed. Every beat of your heart is an opportunity for replenishment of these nutrients. This is a basic function of the vascular system.

The Spiral from Early Warning Signs to Vascular Disease and Death

How Declining Health Begins

You may look, even feel, healthy on the outside but on the inside -- your microvascular system -- a completely different situation could be developing.

How Healthy Capillaries Deliver Nutrients

When the microvascular system is healthy and a person is at rest, some capillaries go into "reserve" mode. A normal rate of blood flow continues in the engaged capillaries.

Endocalyx & Microvascular Capillaries

Endocalyx strengthens the glycocalyx and helps optimize the structure of the capillaries, which allows them to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, nutrients.