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It's Not Too Late to Restore, Regenerate, and Protect Your Body

Your body’s circulatory system is like a structure of freeways, highways, streets, and a complex web of narrow roads.

Those highways, streets, and roads are like the arteries, veins, and the tiniest of capillaries inside your body (in fact, stretched end-to-end capillaries inside the body are estimated to reach over 60,000 miles!).

When freeways, highways, and roads are clear and maintained, traffic flows and vehicles can easily reach intended destinations. Maintained roadways have longer life and don’t wear out as quickly. Vehicles can efficiently deliver essential supplies to intended destinations.

Capillaries are like roadways, where essential nutrients, hormones, and oxygen are transported to every cell in your body. They also carry away your body’s waste and carbon dioxide. With this exchange, your organs, tissues, muscles, and brain are protected from starving and accumulating waste.

Unfortunately, over time some of those narrow roads—the capillaries—become damaged, lose function and close because they weren’t maintained. When that happens, vehicles making deliveries take detours on the remaining roads and they’re forced to move quickly.

The result: nutrients, hormones, and oxygen aren’t delivered to vital organs, tissues, muscles, and the brain. And waste and carbon dioxide removal fail. These breakdowns begin a downward spiral of health decline leading to early warning signs and disease.

But with MyBodyRx anti-aging supplements, your capillaries can be restored, regenerated, and protected so organs don’t starve or accumulate waste. It’s not too late!


Delivery & Protection

endocalyx-pro glycocalyx restoration supplememt

Endocalyx Pro enables the capillaries—those narrow streets and roads—to be clear for delivery of nutrients and remove waste. When nutrients are delivered and waste is removed, Endocalyx Pro enables all other nutrients to get where they’re needed for maximum absorption and utilization by your body’s cells.


Brain & Body Fuel

Endogenx is fuel for the delivery vehicle, powering the brain and body from 37 micronutrients so that every cell gets the nutrients it needs for better health. Endogenx boosts mental clarity, mood stabilization, and brain balance. Supports mental focus, cognitive enhancement, stress, and anxiety.


Absorption & Immunity

The delivery vehicle’s engine needs to efficiently absorb fuel, just as your body absorbs nutrients. Endobiotics is a combined prebiotic and probiotic that introduces additives like good bacteria, botanicals, algae, and enzymes for a powerful regulating effect on an unruly gut.

SuperAMINO 24+

Body Building Blocks

SuperAmino 24+

SuperAmino 24+ promotes muscle tone, healthy skin, and the acceleration of healing. Amino acids are also essential for the body’s function, from fueling and repairing your intestinal tract to enhancing brain performance and mood. Promotes efficient metabolism of protein.


Emotional Health


bCalm calms the mind and body naturally and supports tranquility and overall feeling of wellness. bCalm’s active ingredient, inositol, is shown to be effective in double-blind trials as an intervention for depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.


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How Declining Health Begins

You may look, even feel, healthy on the outside but on the inside -- your microvascular system -- a completely different situation could be developing.

How Healthy Capillaries Deliver Nutrients

When the microvascular system is healthy and a person is at rest, some capillaries go into "reserve" mode. A normal rate of blood flow continues in the engaged capillaries.

Vascular Diseases Begin w/ Organ Starvation

Your organs are healthy when they are nourished with vital nutrients and oxygen while waste is removed.