What is Glycocalyx?

what is glycocalyx?

(image credit: van den Berg, Vink & Spaan, Circulation Research 2003, 92:592-594) Glycocalyx is the gel-like lining of the capillaries and all other blood vessels. Its integrity is essential to the healthy function of all cells, organs and body systems. This lining protects the inside walls of the capillaries and enables the transfer of nutrients and waste removal from…

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Glycocalyx: Function & Definition


The Function of Glycocalyx in Blood Vessels and Capillaries Glycocalyx serves as the mediator for cell-to-cell interactions and protects the cell membrane from fluid shearing forces allowing the cell membrane to maintain its integrity. Glycocalyx is a highly hydrated fibrous meshwork within blood vessels and capillaries that covers the endothelial cells. This layer functions as a barrier between a…

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Endothelial Glycocalyx & Declining Health


Endothelial glycocalyx has been shown to be an integral part of the microvascular system. Without a healthy glycocalyx layer inside the blood vessels and capillaries systems that are required for good health may not function correctly. You may look and feel healthy, but your microvascular system could be in a much different state. Organ starvation is one reason that…

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