Sauna Bathing & Cardiorespiratory Fitness on Cardiovascular Mortality Risk

Published in Annals of Medicine – Volume 50, 2018 – Issue 2 Joint associations of sauna bathing and cardiorespiratory fitness on cardiovascular and all-cause mortality risk: a long-term prospective cohort study ABSTRACT Purpose: We aimed to evaluate the joint impact of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and frequency of sauna bathing (FSB) on the risk of cardiovascular and all-cause mortality.

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Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy

Published in International Journal of Hyperthermia – Volume 36, 2019 – Issue sup1: Special Issue Hyperthermia and immunotherapy: clinical opportunities ABSTRACT Hyperthermia holds great promise to advance immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer. Multiple trials have demonstrated benefit with the addition of hyperthermia to radiation or chemotherapy in the treatment of wide-ranging malignancies. Similarly, pre-clinical studies have demonstrated the…

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