Hydrogen Water Can Help You Beat Caffeine Addiction

hydrogen water caffeine addiction

A Glass of Hydrogen Water Can Replace a Cup of Coffee

The morning cup of coffee is such an automatic part of life you probably don’t even think about it anymore. When you wake up, you reach for a cup and down it. To make matters worse, as you’ve gotten older, it may seem like you need more and more of the stuff just to not feel like a zombie.

Well, I hate to have to tell you, though I’m betting you already knew. You have an addiction. Caffeine is a drug, like nicotine or painkillers, it’s just a much more socially acceptable and milder drug.

And, if you don’t believe me about it being a chemical addiction, try not drinking your coffee for three days in a row. Then tell me what you’d be willing to do to get a cup again.

But how else are you supposed to get going, right? Life is so busy, and you need something.

Well, the human body is made to make its own energy. Sadly, with modern diets and our hectic quick-fix lifestyles, our bodies are no longer getting what they’re supposed to. Stimulants like caffeine overtax the adrenals and erode their ability to produce the correct hormones and regulate the body’s natural energy production.

I mean you didn’t need all that caffeine when you were a kid, right?

The good news is that you can revitalize your body. The energy your body is craving can be satisfied and then some, by feeding it one thing that’s in your kitchen right now.

And it’s the simplest thing in the world: water. The human body is mostly water, and the parts not made of it desperately want it. The cells need it to produce energy; the muscles need it to reduce friction; the brain needs it to keep its various processes running. Water is perhaps the most essential substance we need for optimal bodily function.

But not all water is the same. Not only is regular water not quite up to the task of giving your body the energy it craves from caffeine, but the stuff in your pipes can contain awful contaminants including chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and even prescription drugs. Some regions even have arsenic and other carcinogenic substances. And bottled water is not always cleaner. In fact, all too often, bottled water can have many of the same contaminants found in tap water up to and including traces of nicotine.

So, if not all water can give us what we need, then what can? Hydrogen water can. It may not give you the same kick as a latte, but it will be a much healthier and sustained energy boost.

Here’s the deal: the body can use molecular hydrogen to do many, many things not the least of which is to cut down on the free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress can cause fatigue, inflammation, and more. Regular water’s hydrogen is tied up with the oxygen molecules (H2O), so you get less of it. But, by supercharging the water with more hydrogen, your body has much more access to the fundamental element.

Instead of overclocking your body with a stimulant – caffeine, your body uses the molecular hydrogen to reduce the strain of activity by selectively targeting the free radicals that contribute to fatigue, inflammation, and other ills leaving you with more energy to spend how you choose.

The transition may not be easy. Coming off a caffeine addiction can have side effects. The hydrogen water will make it easier: the crashes won’t hit as hard and headaches will probably not be as sharp, but you may be fighting. If so, you’ll be fighting for a healthier lifestyle. And, you will have more natural energy to make it stick.

Some hydrogen water drinkers report being able to immediately come off of coffee without even having to think about it. And having even more energy than they had with coffee. Your mileage may vary.

Don’t be down on yourself for reaching for coffee when you need a pick-me-up. It’s so prevalent, and its effects so rapid, that it’s easy to end up with coffee in your daily routine. But it is in your power to quit, or at least not be dependent on caffeine for energy. You can have back some of the natural energy you remember from when you were younger. A glass of water might not seem like much, but it’s a step towards transformative healthier living. And the next time you grab a cup of coffee, it will just be for the flavor and maybe it’ll even be decaf.

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