What Should I Expect from my Epigenetics/DNA Health Test?

TruEpigenetics’ bioinformatics science team have identified the genes as well as the specific biomarkers that sit upon each gene that correlates to cellular ageing. This allows you to see a true representation of how your diet, lifestyle and environment has been affecting you at a cellular and genetic level, as well as the current status of your internal health. You should never judge a book by its cover, and the same can also be true with judging your health from an external point of view. While external characteristics can sometimes give us an insight into our internal health, in many instances we can simply misinterpret external factors such as bigger muscles, faster running times or eating a certain type of diet as they do not actually relate to being internally healthier. Epigenetics allows each of us to cut through the media noise of the latest type of training style or faddy diet and enable us to better ascertain which lifestyle changes we individually have to make to provide our “hardware” with the specific “software” our body needs to nourish our genetic and internal health and ultimately live a healthier, happier and longer life.