Can I delete my account?

If you have registered on the TruEpigenetics app and would like to delete your account, please follow the instructions below: 1) Login to the TruEpigenetics app using your email address and password 2) Select “Genetic Results” from the main menu 3) Open the Menu button by clicking the three horizontal bars in the top left hand corner 4) Select…

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What is my kit ID?

Your kit ID can be found on the side of the test tube in your box and must be either scanned by the ID scanner within the TruEpigenetics app or manually entered upon registering through the app before sending your sample off. If you have not registered your kit ID by the time the sample reaches us, we will…

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What is in the box?

Your test kit should contain: (a) A small plastic tube to hold your saliva sample with your kit ID on printed on its side (b) A plastic funnel, which is meant to be screwed onto the plastic tube to make the sample collection easier (c) A folded instruction card containing all information that you need to know plus your…

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How can genetic testing help with sport and exercise?

Just as genes define your outer characteristics they define your inner body makeup as well. So your capacity for strength, speed, fat loss and endurance are all shaped by your genes! By discovering and exploiting your own, unique genetic landscape you will be able to optimize training, diet and recovery protocols for optimum performance in sport and exercise.

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Why should I have a TruEpigenetics DNA test?

TruEpigenetics’ DNA profile looks at 1,000 genetic areas (SNPs) and provides over 300 reports based on your genetic makeup. The most conclusive DNA profile available today and more than any other DNA profiling offer. Our product is driven by global leaders in the fields of genetics, nutrition, and physiology. This expert input is shown through your DNA results and…

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How safe is my data?

All our customers’ genetic data is triple locked. First, our customers are anonymous to us in the database. Each customer is given a unique ID number, it is only with this code that the customer can unlock their data, and have it displayed on their private health dashboard. Secondly, all customer data is encrypted throughout the data journey. So,…

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What happens if my sample gets lost?

In the event that your sample is lost in transit, we are happy to send you a replacement kit free of charge. Should you suspect, that your sample was never received by us, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. This might be the case, if you have not heard anything from us within 2 weeks…

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