Effective mood stabilization in bipolar disorder with a chelated mineral supplement

Abstract Background: To determine in open trials the therapeutic benefit of a nutritional supplement for bipolar disorder. Method: The sample consisted of 11 patients with DSM-IV-diagnosed bipolar disorder aged 19 to 46 years, who were taking a mean of 2.7 psychotropic medications each at a study entry. Three additional patients dropped out prematurely. The intervention is a broad-based nutritional…

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Do vitamins or minerals (apart from lithium) have mood-stabilizing effects?

Abstract Dr. Charles Popper, psychopharmacologist and psychiatrist at Harvard University‚Äôs McLean Hospital, published a commentary on the Kaplan et al. (2001) paper, in which he reported the results of his clinical experience with Truehope EMPowerplus. Result: Of 22 patients (10 adults, 9 adolescents, 3 pre-adolescents) who clinically met criteria for bipolar disorder, 19 (86%) showed a positive response to…

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