Are AVACEN devices legally registered for sale in my home country?

No AVACEN devices have been licensed and/or approved for sale in any country except the U.S.; moreover, the use of an AVACEN device may or may not be regulated or prohibited where you live. Check with your local health and regulatory authorities to determine whether or not the personal, in-home use of these devices is permitted.

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Can I use a freight-forwarding service?

No. The use of freight and postal forwarding services to facilitate the unauthorized export of NuLife Sciences product and/or services into any country, including Canada, is prohibited. Improper entry of product into other countries will affect future registration opportunities, may cause difficulties with Regulatory and Consumer protection agencies and could significantly delay efforts to enter the market legitimately.

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Can I ship NuLife Sciences’ product into another country?

No, shipping of NuLife Sciences’ product to a country outside of the U.S., except by express written permission from NuLife Sciences, is not allowed. Goods and services that may be freely transferred or sold within one country may be regulated—or even prohibited—in another. Often, products that are not legally registered for sale with a country are often stopped, even…

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What countries do you ship to?

NuLife Sciences ships to all US shipping destinations (including Puerto Rico, Guam and the America Virgin Islands). Upon special request, in writing, we may agree to ship the 100-E and/or Pro-E series of devices to other international destinations as permitted under local customs regulations; however, NuLife Sciences does not control—and is not responsible for—any duties levied, taxes charged or…

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Can I ship an AVACEN Device Internationally?

Except where specific license has been granted in writing by NuLife Sciences no party—including customers, Affiliates, Independent Brand Partners, licensees, etc.—may ship NuLife Sciences’ products to destinations outside of the United States. The use of freight forwarding services to circumvent this policy is expressly prohibited. Orders seized or destroyed by Customs authorities in any country are not eligible for…

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