Endobiotics – Gut Health Supplement

Endobiotics – Gut Health Supplement

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Gut Health Support from Endobiotics

Endobiotics is a combined prebiotic and probiotic with a rich blend of eight bacteria. These beneficial bacteria support the digestive tract with botanicals, algae, enzymes, and ingredients, all designed to promote a healthy digestive system. This combination of superfoods, combined with friendly bacteria, creates a powerful regulating effect on an unruly gut and helps promote and maintain the healthy bowel function we all seek. Each serving contains billions of bacteria as well as plenty of prebiotics that help bacteria thrive.

The first line of defense for your body’s immunity is your stomach and digestive system. You might be surprised to learn that 70 percent of the body’s immune system dwells within the digestive tract, which is the gateway to your overall good health and vitality.

Endobiotics Benefits

  • Promotes a healthy digestive system*
  • Your digestive system absorbs micronutrients for distribution to your cells, tissues and muscles
  • Combine with Endocalyx for optimum delivery through capillaries to support organ health*
  • Rich blend of eight bacteria our digestive tract needs most as well as botanicals, algae, and enzymes*
  • Billions of bacteria and prebiotics that help bacteria thrive in each serving*
  • Powerful regulating effect on an unruly gut to help promote and maintain healthy bowel function*
  • Encourages better nutrient absorption from My Body Rx supplements

Your digestive system is where your body absorbs micronutrients into your capillaries so they can be distributed to your cells, tissues, and muscles. And if things are “off” in the digestive tract, your body isn’t absorbing food and micronutrients properly. That means your body could be slowly starving and you don’t even know it. That’s why you should take Endocalyx with Endobiotics.

When you don’t feel right in your gut, most likely what you’re feeling is an imbalance, where you have too much bad bacteria that hinders absorption. And that imbalance wipes out the natural environment that is required for the intestinal capillaries to transfer micronutrients to your circulatory system. Once there, they flow to the microvascular system for delivery to every cell in your body.

Stress, lack of sleep, use of antibiotics, illness in general, poor diet and energy drink choices and even aging can provoke this imbalance of bad bacteria.

With an imbalance, you feel bloated, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, and aches and pain.

That’s why taking Endobiotics is so important for both the health of your gut and your overall body’s health and comfort.

The simple reason to take Endobiotics is for better nutrient absorption. Better absorption results in full delivery of micronutrients from Endocalyx and better elimination.

Endobiotics works synergistically with Olive Leaf Extract from My Body Rx to promote optimal gut health and healthy bowel elimination.*

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