Endocalyx Pro – Vascular & Microcirculation Health Supplement

Endocalyx Pro – Vascular & Microcirculation Health Supplement

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Overall Health is Linked to the Function of the Glycocalyx

Endocalyx Pro enables your capillaries to be clear for the delivery of nutrients and remove waste. When nutrients are delivered and waste is removed, Endocalyx Pro allows nutrients from other MyBodyRx supplements to reach your body’s cells for maximum absorption and utilization.

Endocalyx Pro is specifically formulated to deliver the building blocks essential to maintain a healthy endothelial glycocalyx and microvascular system for a healthy vascular system.

Lining the inside of your capillaries is the endothelial glycocalyx. It is a vast protective micro-thin gel lining that touches each of your trillions of cells. The integrity of the glycocalyx structure and function is important because of the continuous delivery of nutrients, hormones, and oxygen, and the elimination of waste and carbon dioxide flows through the capillaries.

Restore, Regenerate, and Protect Your Glycocalyx

Endocalyx Pro is made from highly concentrated extracts of seven natural ingredients sourced from regions around the world where people are known to live longer and live healthy active lives. These ingredients contain the same compounds that make up and protect the structure of the glycocalyx. It’s a specific blend, right down to the molecular structure that makes all the difference in the result of taking Endocalyx Pro daily.

This patented combination of ingredients, in specific dosage amounts, stimulates three actions that restore, regenerate, and protect your glycocalyx and microvascular system.

  • RESTORE: Polysaccharides – enables repair of the glycocalyx matrix. Polysaccharides are long sugar chains that can interact with proteins and other molecules of the glycocalyx to restore its protective structure.
  • REGENERATE: Amino sugars – a precursor for polysaccharide biosynthesis. Amino sugars enable the cells of the vessel wall to produce more glycocalyx polysaccharides and regenerate the body’s ability to produce more of the protective gel.
  • PROTECT: Antioxidants – protect the endothelial polysaccharides of the endothelial glycocalyx from breakdown.

Scientific research backs up that these synergistic ingredients, when combined together, deliver these vital results in your microvascular system.

As Endocalyx Pro strengthens the endothelial glycocalyx, it helps optimize the structure of the capillaries. From head to toe, optimal capillary function delivers many benefits, including clearer thinking, increased energy, improved performance, a more youthful appearance, and greater comfort.

The better each brain cell is supplied with oxygen and nutrients, the better your mood, the clearer your mind, the more productive your thinking.*

Healthy skin, hair, and eyes depend on a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients in order to renew, grow, and stay healthy.* Skin color and tone are enhanced.* Your hair and nails are stronger and healthier.* And your eyes are clearer and brighter.*

As Endocalyx Pro strengthens the endothelial glycocalyx, the blood in your entire vascular system is better able to reach and energize each cell of your body. Then all the cells of your body, including your brain, heart, and muscles, are amply supplied with oxygen and nutrients.*

This means that more blood cells, carrying more nutrients and vital oxygen to all of your muscle, skin, and nerve cells, restore warmth, feeling, and comfort.*

It’s not too late to restore, rejuvenate and protect your endothelial glycocalyx and microvascular system with Endocalyx!

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When the microvascular system is healthy and a person is at rest, some capillaries go into "reserve" mode. A normal rate of blood flow continues in the engaged capillaries.

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