NuLife Sciences Introduces PEMF Therapy Device, Sedona Face

PEMF Thearapy - Sedona Face

Chattanooga, Tennessee, December 11, 2020 – The benefits of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy is no secret among wellness experts with a four-year study conducted by NASA to understand its benefits and effects on human wellbeing. NuLife Sciences introduces a portable and affordable PEMF therapy device called the Sedona Face.

Sedona Face uses advanced modern technology to treat the face with PEMF therapy. The device’s possible anti-aging benefits may come from increased blood circulation and increased saturation of oxygen and other nutrients helping damaged cells become rejuvenated. Increased oxygen can also help create new healthy cells.

“I like to see copious amounts of science,” Bill Sickert, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for NuLife Sciences, said regarding PEMF therapy and the Sedona Face. “There are about 2000 double-blind studies and over 10,000 ‘white paper’ clinical presentations on the health benefits of PEMF technology. The Sedona Face delivers these benefits remarkably well in a surprisingly cost-effective fashion compared to other PEMF products on the market. Wearable PEMF technology is the future of PEMF delivery,” according to Mr. Sickert.

The natural and holistic PEMF therapy provided by Sedona Face can replace Botox and other invasive anti-aging products. Non-invasive technologies are preferred by many health professionals to improve cell viability, enhanced tissue function, and to slow down the aging process at the cellular level.

“This technology has been automated to the point we can access it on the go,” said Dr. Joey Bird, co-founder, and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board for NuLife Sciences. “To have the wide-ranging benefits of a product like Sedona Face available as a portable device is wonderful.”

Sedona Face is available from NuLife Sciences’ Independent Brand Partners.

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