Dr. William Hennen

A bio-organic and medicinal chemist with thirty-eight years’ combined experience – thirteen years in drug design and development and over twenty-five in the natural supplement industry as a consultant, research director and chief scientific officer.


Product development has included work as Chief Scientific Officer with 4Life, Inc., where I oversaw the design, development and patenting of transfer factor- based products as well as multiple system support products.  As Director of Research and Development for Enhanced Living and Enrich International included work on the design and development of 25 of the top 50 products sold in the US and Canadian markets.


I also have extensive experience in product marketing and education, product registration, and regulatory affairs in both domestic and international markets covering five continents.


Nutrition education is a primary focus, and I excel in translating the highly technical into the clear and accessible language. I’m recognized for thorough and ethical research. I speak internationally on the role of nutrition in disease prevention, and am author of over 40 patents and publications in bio-organic, medicinal, and nutritional chemistry.