Dr. Richard Carlton MD

Dr. Carlton is a seasoned (40 years) physician, specializing in Integrative Psychiatry. Since 1975 I have been a quiet pioneer in the rational use of nutrition-based treatment approaches. Whether treating “mental” issues (such as depression, anxiety, ADHD), or “physical” problems (such as cognitive impairment or dementia, migraines, PMS, and IBS), his  approach is to look for commonplace foods that trigger (or exacerbate) the problems. If food elimination is not enough, next he will prescribe specific nutrients and herbs to bring relief. If these nutrient-based approaches do not work well enough, then of course then, prescriptive medications may result.   Even in those cases where medications are needed, he will often prescribe nutrients to augment (complement) the prescription medications. Formal academic training includes:

  • In 1969, graduated from New York Medical College in 1969.
  • In 1970, completed  Medical Internship  at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC.
  • In 1973, completed Psychiatric Residency at the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Clinic of New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center