Brain Body Connection Bundle

Brain Body Connection Bundle

Price: $176.95

Get both Endocalyx Pro and Endogenx in Brain Body Connection Bundle.

Brief description of Endocalyx Pro:

Endocalyx Pro is specifically formulated to deliver the building blocks essential to maintain a healthy endothelial glycocalyx and microvascular system.

Endocalyx Pro is made from highly concentrated extracts of seven natural ingredients sourced from regions around the world where people are known to live longer and live healthy active lives. These ingredients contain the same compounds that make up and protect the structure of the glycocalyx. It’s a specific blend, right down to the molecular structure that makes all the difference in the result of taking Endocalyx daily.

This patented combination of ingredients, in specific dosage amounts, stimulates three actions that restore, rejuvenate, and protect your glycocalyx and microvascular system.

Brief description of Endogenx:
MyBodyRx Endogenx provides daily multi-vitamin micro-nutrient support and is a daily multi-vitamin replacement. Endgenx can be easily absorbed by the brain and body due to the special chelation process which makes the minerals more like those found in our fruits and vegetables. Endogenx includes the methyl forms of Vitamin B12 and Folate which make its formula work for everyone.*

Suggested use: Actual dosage may vary but we recommend starting with two capsules twice daily. Note: Pregnant or nursing women and people with serious medical conditions should consult with a physician prior to use.

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Vital Information that You Will Want to Know

How Declining Health Begins

You may look, even feel, healthy on the outside but on the inside -- your microvascular system -- a completely different situation could be developing.

How Healthy Capillaries Deliver Nutrients

When the microvascular system is healthy and a person is at rest, some capillaries go into "reserve" mode. A normal rate of blood flow continues in the engaged capillaries.

Vascular Diseases Begin w/ Organ Starvation

Your organs are healthy when they are nourished with vital nutrients and oxygen while waste is removed.