Impact of a micronutrient formula on ADHD and mood dysregulation in adults with ADHD: Evidence from an 8-week open label trial with natural follow-up

Rucklidge JJ, Taylor MR, Whitehead KA
Journal of Attention Disorders, 2011;15(1):79-91


Objective: To investigate the impact of a 36-ingredient micronutrient formula consisting mainly of minerals and vitamins in the treatment of adults with both Attention-deficit/hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and severe mood dysregulation (SMD).

Method: 14 medication-free adults (9 men, 5 women; 18-55 years) with ADHD and SMD completed an 8- week open-label trial.

Result: A minority reported transitory mild side effects. Significant improvements were noted across informants (self, observer, clinician) on measures of inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity, mood, quality of life, anxiety, and stress all with medium to very large effect sizes (all ps < .01); however, the mean of inattention remained in a clinical range whereas the means on measures of mood and hyperactivity/impulsivity were normalized. Follow-up data showed maintenance of changes or further improvement for those who stayed on the micronutrients.

Conclusion: Although this study, as an open trial, does not in itself prove efficacy, it provides preliminary evidence supporting the need for a randomized clinical trial of micronutrients as treatment for the more complex presentations of ADHD.