An Individualized Approach to Treatment-resistant Bipolar Disorder: A Case Series

Michael I. Gurevich, MD and Cassandra L. Robinson, MS, LPN
EXPLORE July/August 2016, Vol. 12, No. 4


Objective: Determine retrospectively if individualized, integrative treatment strategies applied while withdrawing pharmaceuticals were beneficial and safe among a TRBD clinic population.

Method: A chart review was performed for six adult patients, treated in a private psychiatric practice. Data were collected regarding psychiatric diagnosis, hospitalizations, medications, side effects, substance abuse, and applied treatments.

Results: Using individualized, integrative psychiatric treatment methods, the majority of medications were eliminated. Long-term remission was attained in all cases, defined as clinical stability with no discernable symptoms of bipolar disorder for at least one year.

Conclusions: Applying an integrative treatment approach, and eliminating most medications, provided lasting resolution of symptoms and side-effects in a selected sample of TRBD outpatients. These data may provide the basis for future randomized, controlled trials.