GlycoCheck Training FAQs

How many staff members can I invite to the training platform?

You should invite anyone in your office who will be performing tests on your patients. There isn’t a limit.

Will these training courses be eligible for CMEs and/or CEUs?

Unfortunately, the initial modules aren’t eligible for CMEs or CEUs.

How long does the entire training take to complete?

When combined, the 19 videos are about 2 hours. You don’t have to complete the training all at one time. You can complete the training on your own schedule.

What if a staff member leaves my company before training is complete? How do I sign up a new staff member for the training?

Any new staff can enroll free here.

Is the training free?

Yes, the training is free.

Will there be additional courses added in the future? Will these additional courses be mandatory?

Yes, courses will be added in the future. They will be encouraged for you to take, but not mandatory. Make sure you watch your email for updates.

Can I start and stop the training module as desired?

Yes. The platform records and saves each staff member’s progress.

How much time do we have to complete the entire training?

That’s up to you, but keep in mind that your GlycoCheck system won’t be shipped until the training is completed and all agreements signed.

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues with my training platform?

You can email us at

Why can’t I advance through the training and pick and choose which modules I take?

The training was recorded in a way that takes you sequentially through what you need to know to use the GlycoCheck system along with how Endocalyx Pro works.

If I don’t pass a quiz, can I retake it?

Yes! Or even if you can pass with less than a perfect score, we encourage you to retake quizzes so you are completely knowledgeable about the science of the endothelial glycocalyx, what GlycoCheck measures, and how Endocalyx Pro can restore, regenerate, and protect the glycocalyx.

Once my training is complete, do I need to print and display the certificate of completion?

That’s completely up to you! We encourage you to display your certificate so that your patients will understand that you are completely trained, and have confidence in your ability to perform the test.

How will I know when my staff completes their training? Can I see their progress?

We monitor the progress of the training modules frequently. If you have a specific question about a member of your team, provide the name and email to We will report to you who in your office has trained, their progress, and their final score.

What is the site survey for and what if I need to change my site survey answers in the future?

The site survey enables us to understand how your office operates, compliance with regulations, and importantly, the internet speed you will use. Higher speed will make for a much more satisfying experience using the GlycoCheck cloud.

I’m the site administrator, do I need to complete the training and where do I find the modules?

You should complete the training if you will be administering tests, or supervising staff who are administering tests. You can find the modules here

Does the training need to be completed before the GlycoCheck system is sent to us?

Yes, the training and an acceptable passing score must be completed before the GlycoCheck system will be shipped to you. In addition, the individual who made the commitment to bring GlycoCheck into the office will be required to sign agreements (terms of use, liability waiver, click-wrap license for use of GlycoCheck, and related legal documents) via DocuSign. This is in the best interest and for protection of all parties involved.

How will I know if/when my system ships?

You will be contacted with tracking information once your system is shipped.