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AVACEN Testimonials

bas rutten avacen

I used to be a professional fighter. I used to fight in the UFC. I used to fight in Japan a lot and needless to say over the years I gathered a lot of injuries. [Using the AVACEN], I just put my hand in it and it’s heating up your palm. Like I said it will heat up your blood into your body and it works immediately. I mean literally, after a 25-30 minute session…, I always feel better immediately, also mentally I feel better. It’s almost like you work out — a nice workout and had a nice, little lunch afterward.

Bas Rutten
Former UFC Champion

Ten years ago, I fell down the stairs and fractured my coccyx. The doctor’s answer to that was to put me on morphine. Morphine for 18 months means literally being in bed, being in a cloud. [I] didn’t have any pain but I wasn’t productive. I wanted off the medications. And the inflammation. I needed that to be gone too. The AVACEN has done that for me. 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Read a book, watch the news, have a cup of coffee. It works.

Cathy Ellis
Poway, CA

I’ve been using the AVACEN device for about three years now. I’ve had several surgeries, one on my foot, my back, my stomach… It has helped me immensely with pain — the immediate pain that you get after surgery — the swelling. The energy went up and I healed faster and it helped me to sleep. I used the AVACEN about one or two times a day when I had my surgeries. I used it a good three-four times a day to help with the pain management when I had my surgeries.

Eve Faucet
Del Mar, CA

Before I knew of the AVACEN…I was suffering from arthritis in my fingers in my hands and it was very painful at times. I was also suffering from poor sleep, hypothermia [sic] in my fingers and my feet, [they] were often very cold and I develop a bunion on my right foot. After we bought [an AVACEN] machine I was so amazed by the results… I am totally convinced that it works. I have recommended it to some friends and family members in France.

Gabrielle Farrel
Santa Barbara, CA

[My wife] had terrible arthritis in her hands to the point where she had to give up gardening. She had to give up chopping vegetables and piano and she had to wear splints on her hands and wrists nearly constantly because it was so painful. I got one of the [AVACEN] units and she started using it and to my amazement, she started getting better and it didn’t take long it was really only a matter of three or four days before she noticed that the pain and swelling was diminishing…

Robert Klein, M.D.
Santa Barbara, CA

I would watch [mom] and she dropped the glass… She couldn’t close her hand. I watched her for two weeks using the [AVACEN] machine three-four times a day, so it takes a little patience. It’s so worthwhile because she’s not going to need surgery.

Sofia Milos
CSI: Miami Star

About 4 years ago I was in the car accident and it developed to the point where I had back fusion. I also have a collapsed disc in my neck… I stand on my feet 10 hours a day and depending on the activity level I tend to have spasms [and] extreme pain. I’ve been on [the AVACEN] probably 30 days and I cannot believe the results I’m getting. The biggest thing for me is that I don’t have to take any medication and that’s unbelievable.

Stephanie Finch
Las Vegas, NV