Sunny Mathews Testimonial

sarae-mathews AVACEN Testimonial

As a company, NuLife Sciences goes all out for its independent brand partners. In addition to a generous compensation plan, there is outstanding, ongoing training and support. For someone who came on board with absolutely no sales or business experience, I am a prime example of the adage “it’s never too late to start”.

I started using the AVACEN in January 2020 to help alleviate the discomfort of arthritis in my hands. I USED TO get hand cramps when I would do exercises requiring my hands to be flat on the mat like downward dogs or pushups. I HAD to figure out modifications for these moves. Since using the AVACEN, arthritis in my hands is no longer a limitation. My grip is much stronger; I can use 20 lb dumbbells. (I can even open my own water bottles!) The AVACEN has allowed me to do my daily workouts more effectively.

In February 2020, I started taking vNOX+, the NuLifeSciences nitric oxide supplement. Right around that time, I took on a challenge in a virtual women’s group to do 50 pushups a day. The first 10 days, I did most on my knees and added one on my toes each day. Now, I can do all 50 on my toes as my warmup to a shadow boxing/strength training workout.

I attribute my fitness progress of late to the AVACEN with an added boost from vNOX+. Better circulation means getting more oxygen and more healthy nutrients distributed throughout my body. The AVACEN is not just for pain relief, it is a total body wellness device. I am proud to say I’m 73 years young and in the best shape of my life.

Sunny Mathews
Fernandina Beach, FL
Independent Brand Partner