We are so excited that the next generation of the GlycoCheck is in the final stages of development. The new camera, named CapiVision, will be released in first quarter of 2022. In order to accommodate the overwhelming interest, we will fulfill orders based on the submission date of reservation deposits received, with one of two payment options:

Option 1 – Purchase with $3,000 Deposit Required OR Option 2 – Lease with $500 Deposit Required

FAQs for Purchase Option with $3,000 Deposit Required

When is the final balance due?

The final balance will be due before the product ships. NuLife Sciences will keep you posted on the status of shipments.

Can I make ongoing payments?

Yes, you can make payments as often as you wish, we just require that the balance is paid in full before the product ships.

What is included in the purchase of the GlycoCheck system for the retail price of $19,995.00?

The GlycoCheck system includes the CapiVision™ high-definition auto-focus video microscope camera, medical-grade tablet, single-use disposable lens covers, test-generating software, technical support, 5-year warranty, user’s manual, and demonstration video. (Individual tests purchased separately).

FAQs for Leasing Option with $500 Deposit Required

When will I receive my Leasing Application?

Your leasing application will be emailed to you after your deposit has been processed.

What is the interest rate and payments?

This will differ for each applicant and will be provided to you once the application has been processed and approved.

How long is the lease?

The length of the leasing terms available are 24, 36, 48 and 60 months determined by the leasing company based on the application. Once approved, the terms will be provided to you for acceptance.

Is NuLife Sciences notified when a leasing application is submitted?

Yes, we are notified by our third-party partner, however, please let us know via email at once you have completed the application so that we can track the application status.

Will NuLife Sciences be notified when an application is approved or declined?

Yes, although when you are notified if your application is approved or declined, please let us know the status via email at

When does the lease go into effect?

Once the product ships, and you complete and send over the lease document/delivery acceptance sheet to the leasing company, the lease will go into effect.

Can NuLife Sciences help to get the lease approved?

No, the approval process is solely handled by the third-party Leasing Company.

Is the leasing application a hard or soft pull on credit?

In order for the Leasing Company to receive the most accurate information, and to provide the best possible rate, a soft pull is conducted on your credit history. Hard pulls are conducted once terms are approved/accepted by all parties.

Is the deposit refundable if the lease is not approved?

Yes, if the lease is not approved, you may request a refund. Or, you may place the deposit toward purchase of the system. With either option, please notify us via email at

How long does it take to get approval?

Usually, this happens within a couple of hours, but approvals may take up to 48 hours.