Is the AVACEN Care Method really that simple?

Yes! After all, the simplest solution is often the best (Occam’s Razor). The AVACEN’s gentle, straightforward method of increasing the body’s blood temperature from within is the key to the AVACEN Care Method. The unique network of blood vessels in the palms of your hand makes them one of the best places to apply heat therapy. Your body’s natural thermoregulation system causes the heart to pump more blood to your hands and feet in an effort to dissipate the added heat. [If you’ve ever cooled yourself off by sticking your foot outside of the covers at night, you get the idea.] Simply put, the AVACEN Care Method continuously adds heat to the circulatory system, encouraging the body’s blood vessels and capillaries to expand, increasing the flow of warm blood throughout the body, rushing warm, relaxing relief throughout the body.